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My 10 tips to live a more mindful, authentic and high vibe life.

My 10 tips to live a more mindful, authentic and high vibe life.
Top 10 for mindfulness
My 10 tips to live a more mindful, authentic and high vibe life. 

Tip1. Practice affirmations every morning. (Affirming to yourself that you are those things and fooling the mind, out of a negative mindset when practiced daily) 

I am enough, I am worthy, I am healed. 

Tip 2: Gratitude list

At the end of each day list 3 things you are grateful for... 

Gratitude opens up timeliness, and will attract more and is proven to rise your vibration. 

Tip 3: Move your body with love, a simple walk in nature can help raise Your endorphin levels and help ground yourself. 

Tip 4: Stop doing! & be present as often as you can. This will allow yourself to slow down and see what's already around you. 

Tip 5: Be mindful of what you put in your mouth. Hydrate & Nourish your body plenty of water & wholesome foods. Our mind & bodies can only function properly when we are fuelled with the good stuff! Ask yourself, how will this make me feel afterwards? 

Tip 6: Journal, get what's in your head out & onto paper and the universe will provide you with answers, signs and so much more. Allowing your mind to think about the NOW! not yesterday or the what's ifs! 

Tip 7: Social media cleansing, fill your feeds up with positive and inspirational people and business. Not negative, boring lives of other people! 

Tip 8: Stop comparing.... Your life journey is different to there's. 

Write your own story!! 

Tip 9: Stop with the negative talk... Negativity creates negativity!! You would talk to a friend like that so why are YOU any different. 

Tip 10 : Selfcare..... Is Self love. Give yourself the gift of time to do thee things that bring you joy and allow rest. 

Bonus Tip 11: say NO more!!

Set those boundaries.


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